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Travel Information

Travel Documents

Travel documents and tickets, final itinerary details, supplier addresses and phone contacts will be sent upon receipt of final payment.

Visas and Inoculations

Visas are required by many of the countries to which Great Safaris operates programs. Up-to-date requirements can be obtained from consular offices. It is the travellers responsibility to ensure that passports and all required visas are up-to-date and in accordance with international travel requirements.

If you are not traveling on an American or Canadian passport, it is imperative that you also check visa requirements for all of the destinations you will be travelling to or transiting through.

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Required inoculations and recommended precautionary measures can be obtained from your personal physician or local health departments.

Baggage Limitation

On light aircraft within Africa, there can be severe luggage restrictions of between 33 and 44 lbs per person (including carry-on items). All travelers must pack in soft sided luggage (i.e. duffle bag). Please ask your travel consultant about weight restrictions that may apply to your itinerary.