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Greatest Show on Earth


Tour Length: 10 days

Arusha | Lake Manyara | Ngorongoro Crater | Serengeti Park
10 Days – Tanzania

Focused on getting you to the most prolific, game-rich areas of Tanzania, this tour is a focused journey follows the best spots to see the great migration.
From $5,195  per person

seated-with-guideSince time began, the wild creatures of the vast Serengeti Plains meet, mingle and march together. When the rains cease and the landscape withers, millions of herbivores begin the slow procession northward, toward the promise of water and sweet new grasses. With their own promise of a moveable feast, the carnivores tag along, darting through the shadows in search of the too old, too young or too slow. This is the great migration – the Greatest Show on Earth.

Our adventure starts with set down in Kilimanjaro, gateway to safari country and shadowed under the soaring peaks of famed Mount Kilimanjaro. From our Arusha base, we venture out into game country for (hopefully) a glimpse of the fabled tree climbing lions of Lake Manyara.

greatest-show-on-earthAppetites duly whetted, move on to the fabulous Ngorongoro Crater – one of the natural wonders of the world. The vast floor of the collapsed caldera is a bountiful home to a huge permanent population of wildlife and we enjoy a day traversing the crater floor.

Winging west, we arrive into the heart of the Serengeti; a vast open savannah that always delivers superb game viewing experiences. The isolated camps surprise with luxurious amenities, delectable cuisine and friendly staff. You’ll always remember the evenings around the campfire, chatting with new friends and then falling to sleep as the Serengeti bush sings its night-time lullaby.

Consider staying a little longer and relaxing on the exotic island of Zanzibar. Or add some more thrilling wildlife days in Kenya.


Tour Itinerary

Day 1. Depart USA
Safari – bound!

Day 2. Arrive Arusha (1 night)
A warm welcome to Tanzania.

Day 3. Lake Manyara (1 night)
Drive to this magical park where elephant graze in the wood-fringed clearings and birdlife flocks overhead. Warthog grow fat here and it’s a favorite playground for baboons. You’ll never forget your first game drive!

Day 4-5. Ngorongoro Crater (2 nights)
With the densest concentration of wildlife in Africa, the crater teems with lion, elephant, zebra, giraffe and rhino. At every turn you’ll witness animals drinking, wallowing, feasting or hunting. And don’t miss an intriguing Masai village visit!

Day 6-8. Serengeti (3 nights)
Home of the spectacular wildebeest migration, the vast Serengeti is your ultimate safari destination. Explore the grass plains that nurture huge populations of grazers. Leopard and cheetah abound, and the endless fight for survival is played out daily.

Day 9. Depart Kilimanjaro
“Farewell” and fly to your international airport.

Day 10. Arrive USA
With incredible memories!

Unforgettable Moment #99

We descended the highlands and then drove west into the famous Serengeti. I had dreamed about this wildlife heaven for most of my life and could hardly believe that I was truly here! Our guide was incredible and let us travel at our own pace; we often wanted to just sit quietly in the vehicle and listen to the sounds of the Serengeti savanna.

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