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Rites Of Passage…We’ll Get It Right

Acasia Tree at SunsetThe spirit of Africa infuses a sense of well-being into all who touch Her

The academics would define a Rite of Passage as “a momentous event that marks one of life’s milestones. This event reflects the values, beliefs and often the personal goals of the participant.” We prefer to think of it as the right vacation for all the right reasons. A passage from ordinary into extraordinary.

So, how do we get it ‘right’? By finding out which passage to take. We listen. We ask about your personal goals. We check your pulse, gauge your temperature and temperament and work closely with you to ensure that we create a trip that fits as snug and cozy as your favorite slippers.

Are you looking forward to a perfectly romantic honeymoon? Is this the family vacation you have always wanted? Is grandmother taking all the grandkids on a multi-generational adventure? Or have you finally decided that now is simply the right time to pass through the portal and embrace the ‘trip of lifetime?’

Africa is, quite fortunately, a most forgiving, flexible and fascinating destination. If you are looking for hotels and lodges that love little kids, then you have the place. When you crave an adult vacation, at a lovingly easy pace, the spas, classy cuisine and sparking libations in Africa rival the best of any on earth. Or if your cup is full to the brim, you might be hoping to share some of your good fortune. (Africa accepts, with thanks). We’ll hook you up with a local school or orphanage where you can make a true difference in a child’s life. From singing songs, teaching life skills, to helping build a new clinic, every small gesture of ‘giving’ can blossom into a bountiful garden.

Whatever the occasion or reason you have decided to take passage to Africa, we can fashion a masterpiece just for you. Tell us the “when” and the “why”. We will supply, in glorious detail, the “where”, “what” and “how”! And we promise we’ll get it right!