Rail Journeys of Distinction through Southern Africa - Rail Journeys of Distinction Great Safaris

Rail Journeys of Distinction through Southern Africa

Ask any inveterate traveler: an exotic sojourn by rail is one of the most memorable aspects of a journey. Whether it is a short over-nighter or a two week epic adventure, there is nothing quite so romantic and relaxing as a train ride!

South Africa boasts two special rail systems: The famous Blue Train (faster than a speeding bullet, sleek, gorgeous and whisper-quiet) and the historic Rovos Rail (with her endearing steam locomotive and vintage cars impeccably restored to their turn-of the- century elegance.) Both offer a 5 star ride on the rails, serving sumptuous cuisine on silver plates and aged wines sipped from fluted crystal. Accommodations are a plush as any luxe hotel room, with en-suite bathrooms, fine linens and a butler to pamper guests 24/7.

Both rail journeys offer a choice of routing, duration of journey and varying levels of cabin accommodation. The Blue Train, with modern muscle, moves faster and delivers travelers quicker to the end of the tracks. While Rovos Rail moves with demur and studied precision, in no particular hurry to reach the journeys end. Whichever style suits your mood and travel mode, set aside a little time for rail journeys of distinction through Southern Africa; you will be glad you did!

Rail Journeys of Distinction

the-blue-trainTHE BLUE TRAIN

The Blue Train has an aura of mystique about it. Kings and presidents have traveled on this magnificent moving five-star hotel.  Sleek and speedy yet whisper-quiet, the Blue Train uses its magnificent muscle to deliver its passengers to their destination with elegance and speed.

rovos-train-journeyROVOS RAIL

Travel to South Africa and take a trip on the most luxurious train in the world. Your romantic vacation through the heart of Southern Africa will begin or end at the headquarters of this private railway company, Capital Park Station and Locomotive Yard situated outside Pretoria.

Rovos Rail Schedules and Rates

Unforgettable Moment #207

We had a wonderful trip. Everything went smoothly… The Cape Grace Hotel was great, and we enjoyed Cape Town. We had great guides on Robben Island and that was a very meaningful experience… The drive outside Cape Town, along the coast and to the wine country was truly beautiful. La Petite Ferme was great food and great vistas. Stellenbosch was really quaint and good shopping with a throwback general store that was a charmer. Dinner at La Colombe Restaurant was a really fun, delicious culinary experience.

[In Botswana], we saw all the Big Five animals and more. Really quite something. Both camps were great – different and each good in their own ways. The experience with the people at Khwai River Lodge was one of the highlights. It felt like a family and we were serenaded on arrival and two other times. So all around great memories, lots of pictures, learning nature and animals and people and countries. What more could you ask! So thank you so much.

        – Linda L. (Bethesda, MD)

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