Ghoha Hills, Chobe National Park -

Ghoha Hills, Chobe National Park


Perched high on the eastern side of the Ghoha Hills, this hilltop retreat boasts unparalleled 180 degree views across the savannah and the natural waterhole which attracts wildlife year round. To the south east of the lodge, the Savuti Marsh beckons with its unique game viewing opportunities. The Marsh is a relic of an inland lake which is fed by the Savuti channel. Covered by extensive savannah and rolling grasslands, the wildlife is dynamic year round. The dry and wet seasons change the scenery and offer sightings of the annual migrations of zebras and predators.

Elegance abounds in the eleven well-appointed canvas suites, which have been elevated on wooden decks, ensuring spectacular sunrise views. The luxury suites are spacious with large double beds draped with mosquito nets, and armchairs set to enjoy the panorama. The en-suite bathrooms have double basins, twin towel racks, flush toilet and showers that make you feel like you’re on the cliff’s edge. Room amenities include Roof fan & standing fan, power point for charging photographic equipment and cell phones, gowns, slippers, mosquito net, flashlight and air horn (in case of emergency). There’s a separate dressing area. The generous mesh windows and sliding doors create a never-ending sense of space. The bedroom leads out to a private viewing deck from where you can watch wildlife at the waterhole.

The stone, wood and thatch lounge, bar and open dining area fit naturally into the side of Ghoha Hill. There are several stately wooden dining tables spread across the spacious room where the majority of the indulgent meals are served, but dining also takes place around the fire pit downstairs. The lounge leads on from the dining room and extends onto the outer deck and is tastefully decorated with light earthy colours. There’s another lounge upstairs ensuring ample room to unwind and relax. And perched on the edge of the cliff is a stone-paved pool with sweeping views of the plains below.

Ghoha Hills is an eco lodge, using solar power for minimum impact to the environment. The solar panels and massive battery room ensure that hundreds of lights, lamps and lanterns light up the Savuti bush like a wonderland, drawing you from miles away and welcoming you back home after your night