Forest Lodge -

Forest Lodge

Forest LodgeMother Nature is at the center of your experience at the Grootbos Nature Reserve Forest Lodge, whether it’s glimpsed in the botanical inspired tones of the decor, the curved lines of the roof or the way the expansive windows frame each natural masterpiece. Bask in the dappled light with amazing views and unwind in this contemporary and stylish architectural haven.

Wind your way through our ancient milkwood forest as you walk between your opulent suite and the lodge itself, and you’ll feel serenity settle over you like a delicate mist. With its clean lines, elegant ceilings and expansive windows, Forest Lodge is the place you retreat to for blissful contemplation or for connecting with yourself or nature.

A stay at Forest Lodge is the ultimate way to restore, de-stress and reconnect.  A masterpiece of sophisticated contemporary design reflecting the breathtaking natural beauty of the surrounding landscape; the Forest Lodge’s sixteen free-standing luxury suites are carefully embedded in the ancient milkwood forest, accessed via an enchanted cobbled pathway beneath the forest canopy.

Forest LodgeEach suite is stylishly furnished to provide an exquisite blend of aesthetic beauty and supreme comfort. Cozy fireplaces, luxurious canopy beds and spacious bathrooms make this the ultimate romantic getaway.

Fling open the doors and let nature flood in, relax on your private wooden deck, or listen to the distant sounds of the ocean, as you feel the rest of the world melt away.  Every free standing suite at the Forest Lodge is exquisitely furnished in soft natural palettes with furnishings that ooze indulgence with a large bathroom, a cozy fireplace, luxurious canopy bed with private, untouched forest and ocean vistas and an outdoor shower, private wooden deck and separate lounge area.