Entabeni Game Conservancy -

Entabeni Game Conservancy

The Entabeni Game Conservancy is situated in the World Heritage Waterberg Biosphere. Entabeni, meaning “Place of the Mountain”, is a 220 km2 (85 sq mi) private reserve situated in the Waterberg in Limpopo Province in northern South Africa. The Entabeni Game Conservancy is popular for safari trips because of the opportunity to see big game and a variety of birds and antelope species, as well as its beautiful scenery, and the fact that it is in a malaria-free zone. The reserve is home to Transvaal lion, African bush elephant, South African giraffe, African leopard, South African cheetah, warthog, African buffalo, hippopotamus and other safari animals in a variety of habitats.

The upper escarpment offers majestic craggy rock formations and wide-open grass plains. This is separated from the lower plateau by 600m highcliffs. The lower escarpment is approximately three degrees warmer and comprises of “sandveldt” vegetation and a series of wetlands. It is a place where the lion still reigns as king and Mother Nature still mesmerizes with her power and beauty.

The Entabeni Game Conservancy is a malaria-free reserve; it boasts five ecosystems. A gravel road leads up to this Big 5 reserve, complemented by five different lodges, Kingfisher, Lakeside, Ravineside and Hanglip Mountain. Each lodge comprises a unique blend of luxury and African wilderness, perfectly set in different immaculate locations of the reserve. These lodges offer a selection of venues ranging from the luxurious dining room to the deck, boma, garden or pool.