Dulini Leadwood Lodge, Kruger Park -

Dulini Leadwood Lodge, Kruger Park

Leadwood captivates its guests by taking deep root in their hearts, much like the ancient trees after which the Lodge is named. Leadwood Lodge is the ultimate safari choice for discerning travellers in search of luxurious exclusivity and solitude. Tucked secretively into the lush elbow where the Mabrak and Sand rivers confluence, four Leadwood suites whisper of lavish luxury, designed with crushed stone, raw cement, rough granite and glass with air conditioning, fireplace, sitting room, ensuite bathroom, outdoor shower and private  eternity-edge pool with a wrap-around deck.

The contemporary elegance of the Leadwood suites is complemented by the chic attention of personal butlers, and the exclusivity of the experience. Meals are sometimes served at separate tables in conventional restaurant style, whilst at other times a single large dining table is used, usually hosted by managers and guides. Private tables and special meals can usually be accommodated. Bush meals, picnics and sundowner drinks are also a possibility.