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Cruise Egypt – Gift Of The Nile


Tour Length: 12 days

Cairo | Nile River Cruise: Luxor, Edfu, Kom Ombo, Aswan, Felucca, Aswan, Kom Ombo, Edfu, Luxor
12 Days – Egypt

Travel with a Private Egyptologist with your party of 4 travelers

Cruise Egypt - Gift of the Nile pyramidsYour Cruise Egypt – Gift of the Nile adventure begins in timeless Cairo. Explore the ancient wonders of the world including the Great Sphinx and Pyramids.

Continue on your journey as you cruise down the grand Nile River for seven (7) nights.  On your journey you will visit the temples of Luxor and Karnak, the Valley of the Kings, free time in Aswan, the gardens of Felucca, the temples in Kom Ombo on this luxurious round trip journey as you Cruise Egypt – Gift of the Nile.

From $2,895 to $3,495 per person

Around 5,000 years ago the ancient Egyptians established an extraordinary and enduring civilization. Archaeologists are still, today, unearthing fabulous temples tombs and pyramids buried along the shores of the life-giving Nile River. We have only begun to see the grand glory and scope of the Egyptian civilization… the thrill of discovery continues!

An overnight in the bustling city of Cairo allows for optional sightseeing: you may choose to visit the pyramids and Sphinx, the Citadel, old town bazaars or the historic Cairo Museum with its unique Mummies Room.

Cruise Egypt - Gift of the Nile mapNext stop is picturesque Luxor, often been called the world’s greatest open air museum. It is here you will join your luxury Mirage Cruise, while continuing to explore the Luxor area. The number and preservation of the monuments in the Luxor area is unparalleled anywhere else in the world. Discover the fabulous Luxor and Karnak Temples as well as the famed Valley of the Kings, home to the Tomb of Tutankhamen.

7 nights will be spent cruising the fabled Nile River, from Luxor to Aswan, and then back to Luxor. Each day you will disembark, with an Egyptologist, to discover such storied sights as Edfu and Kom Ombo.

Located about 81 miles south of Luxor, Aswan has a distinctively African atmosphere. In Aswan the Nile is at its most beautiful, flowing through amber desert and granite rocks, round emerald islands covered in palm groves and tropical plants. Explore the souks, full of the scent and color of spices, perfumes, scarves and baskets. Sights of Aswan include the Unfinished Obelisk and a boat ride to the Philae Temple of Isis.

Cruise Egypt – Gift of the Nile Tour Itinerary

Day 1. Depart USA
An overnight flight to Cairo.

Day 2. Cairo (Sunday – 1 night)
Arrive in Cairo, with optional sightseeing in this historic city. Chance to explore such world renowned sights as the pyramids, Sphinx, Cairo Museum, Citadel, Mosque and Khan el Khalili Bazaar.

Day 3-9. Cairo – Luxor – Nile Cruise (7 nights)
Fly to Luxor and join your luxury Nile Cruise. Visit the fabulous Temples at Luxor and Karnak. Cross the river to the fabled Valley of the Kings. Descend into tombs and delight at the colorful hieroglyphics and ornate sarcophagi.

Enjoy glimpses of Egyptian life as you cruise peacefully along the fabled Nile. At each disembarkation, you will be with an Egyptologist who will make ancient history come alive. Explore the ruins at Kom Ombo and Edfu, including the temple dedicated to the crocodile god, Sobek.

At Aswan, visit the High Dam, Unfinished Obelisk, Philae Temple and the Botanical Garden by Felucca.

Day 10. Nile Cruise – Luxor
Disembark your Nile Cruise in Luxor, to spend your final night in Egypt.

Day 11. Luxor – Cairo – Departure
Fly back to Cairo in time for the departure of your international flight.

Day 12. Arrive USA
A perfect vacation ends – but the memories and photographs will be forever!

Unforgettable Moment #7

Yesterday I had my first glimpse of the Giza pyramids. Such potent symbols of the mysterious land of Egypt! As I gazed up into the ancient face of the Sphinx, I was reminded of why I had come to this intriguing land.

I wanted to see dusty tombs, ornate temples, golden treasure and the strange, unearthly mummies. But then I understood, I had found something so much more!

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