Kenya Safaris | Luxury Safari Vacations 2017/18 | Great Safaris

Kenya Safaris

Kenya Safaris | Luxury Safari Vacations 2017/18 | Great Safaris

The romance of an African safari was born in Kenya, and our Kenya safaris take you there. Her seductive siren call bewitched such notables as Hemingway, Winston Churchill and Denys Finch Hatton. Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, today is a colorful tapestry woven with many ethnic groups, modern and colonial buildings, sleek Mercedes and dusty donkey carts. Here weary travelers can stretch out the kinks of air travel and replenish their energies in anticipation of the safari.

Our Kenya safaris can take you to the Great Rift Valley, Mount Kenya, Amboseli National Park and Mount Kilimanjaro and more… and only Kenya offers the chance to experience the Migration in the famed Masai Mara Game Reserve.

Kenya Safaris | Luxury Safari Vacations 2017/18 | Great Safaris Kenya’s landscapes are rich in diversity, from snow-clad mountain and glaciers to arid deserts, from dry savannah to lush lakes and dense forest. The Great Rift Valley, its floor littered with lakes and extinct volcanoes, cuts through Kenya from north to south. On the Equator, majestic Mount Kenya with its snow-capped peaks rises above endless grassland plains.  In the central highlands of Kenya rise a beautiful mountain range, the Aberdares, which, for the most part, tower to over 10,000 feet in altitude. Amboseli National Park lies below the most famous symbol of Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro. At 19,340 feet Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa and the tallest free standing mountain in the world. The surrounding area is flat, covered by savannah and acacia scrub and the animals stand in silhouette against this towering majestic giant, its snow-clad peak floating in the stark blue African sky.

Kenya Safaris | Luxury Safari Vacations 2017/18 | Great SafarisMasai Mara National Reserve is situated to the west of Nairobi on Tanzania’s northern border. The Masai Mara offers wonderful scenery and is perhaps the only region left in Kenya where the visitor may see animals in the same super-abundance as existed a century ago and witness the Great Migration.

To the west is Lake Victoria, the largest of Africa’s lakes and the legendary source of the Nile. To the South, the Indian Ocean coast offers sandy white beaches, and turquoise seas protected by a fascinating coral reef. Kenya is one of the world’s great holiday destinations.  Come experience our Kenya Safaris | Luxury Safari Vacations 2017/18 | Great Safaris.

Classic Wing Safari – Kenya


Kenya Tour Length: 10 days Nairobi | Amboseli | Samburu | Masai Mara 10 Days – Kenya There is nothing quite like flying above the wildlife between camps and lodges over the wilds of East Africa on our Classic Wing Safari – Kenya. This tour hits three wondrous and unique areas dedicated to game drives
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Kenya Adventure Safari – Samburu, Lake Nakuru & Masai Mara


Kenya Tour Length: 9 days Nairobi | Samburu | Lake Nakuru | Masai Mara 9 Days – Kenya Kenya is home to the safari and our Kenya Adventure Safari – Samburu, Lake Nakuru & Masai Mara scheduled departure safari visits a variety of wonderful environments by road, for a more economical experience. The lodges and
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Kenya Express Safari

Kenya Express safari

Kenya                                              Tour Length: 5 days Nairobi | Masai Mara Game Reserve 5 Days – Kenya The wildlife heart of Africa, Kenya is where the true photographic safari was born. Begin your Kenya Express safari with one night accommodation, transfers and breakfast in Nairobi. After a restful night in Nairobi, wing to the famed Masai Mara
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Kenya Flying Safari

Kenya Flying Safari Cessna Caravan

Wing your way to Kenya’s premiere wildlife hot spots in the lap of luxury on our Kenya Flying Safari. A private SkySafari Grand Caravan has been custom outfitted to ensure your comfort and convenience. Combine this with incomparable game viewing opportunities, luxurious accommodations and intimate dining choices and the result is – without exception –
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Lands of the Great Migration

the great migration

Ensuring an unbelievable wildlife experience, our Lands of the Great Migration – Kenya & Tanzania safari travels by both land and air to the absolute best highlights of East Africa. A must for anyone who wants the widest experience of wildlife viewing in Africa. Kenya & Tanzania Tour Length: 13 days Nairobi | Samburu |
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